The engine of our evolution as a company is to do what we like and work on what we believe, because only in this way is a job done with passion. Creativity, attitude, humility, honesty, and passion are the values of Vical and the whole team. Our history is a mixture of effort, growth, and commitment that we want to make you complicit in.


Our seventieth birthday is the perfect time to tell our life story. It is a story that began in 1949 out of craftsmanship and traditional skills, and continued to evolve each step of the way: from our early years in wicker, working with willow, wood and basketry, all the way to our exquisite current collections of furniture and interior decoration. VICAL lives, is transformed by, creates and renews itself in staying true to the values that define the development of the brand and the professionals who work within it: eagerness, passion and perseverance are what drive the people involved in this truly rewarding undertaking.


Our feeling for the planet’s natural beauty can only be expressed truly through the adoption of methods of production that advocate respect for the environment and our surroundings. Gradually, consciously and thoughtfully, at VICAL we have created over the years a business model of our own that is all about sustainability. 50% of what we create involves reusing and transforming recycled pieces of furniture and other materials that had previously had other uses. By means of craftsmanship, these pieces are recovered and reworked to be given a second life. In our commitment to maintain the natural life cycle of each piece, we travel to each source country, respecting indigenous traditions and working side by side with each locality and each culture.


is the natural at your fingertips. A bet for natural wood, recycled, without lacquers, which entrusts an exclusivity to each piece that brings a touch of warmth and elegance to the home.
Golden colours, velvet upholstery, exclusive designs … The daring designs and the mixture of materials make the difference and allows you to give a touch of exclusivity and sumptuousness to your home.

Our factory is the world and our goal to continue exploring


In our constant search for inspiration we reach deep into far-flung cultures to find pieces of superior beauty. These are the unique and exclusive antiques that round off our catalogue, giving it special value. We come across these items of furniture and decorative pieces in the course of our travels, then salvage and restore them because each has a story worth telling. The value of unique objects and a respect for where they come from are intertwined in the antiques section of the VICAL catalogue. Exclusivity is part and parcel of these pieces, so that they give deeper meaning to the spaces they inhabit, reinterpreting the past to enhance the present.


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