Ethnic charm

A charming ethnic elephant-headed sculpture gives exclusivity in a home full of charm

Atractive simplicity

Simplicity is the key in this luxurious space where the black color combined with the gold form an attractive and harmonious environment.


The warmth of gold reflected in an art-deco style stars in a room full of elegance and glamour.

White reflections

Cupboards with mirror that radiate purity, serenity and never go out of fashion.


The wood is a fundamental element in the decoration of the industrial style because it provides the warmth and naturalness necessary to compensate the cold environment that the metal provides. A tip is to include wood mixing it with metal in items such as tables, shelves, desks or chairs

Pure elegance

Feel the beauty of your furniture with an infinite elegance

Living room with own style

A magical salon with a natural touch.

Breathe the mix of styles

Feel comfortable with the magical air you breathe from the mix of styles.


A luxurious living room where your most sophisticated guests will be imbued with the elegance and warmth that combines gold and black metal.

White and silver elegance

Elegant living room enhanced with an ethnic painting that surrounds us in a magical cultural voyage.

The "assam" serie will captivate you

A unique teak root table is the protagonist in this room. There are no two equals, their crafted manufacturing makes this piece unique.

Blue tones

Velvet comes as an essential element in decoration. Combine It with blue and gold shades to achieve a unique environment.


Looks that are the protagonists of a calm and relaxed environments.

Quiet environments

Feel calm in your relaxing place of home.

Golden Buffet

Golden reflections that illuminate any stay in your home.

Elegant lighting

Lighting is very important in any dining room. We illuminate your imagination so that your ideas in home decor are different.

Mustard-colored brushstrokes

Mustard-coloured brushstrokes in leather armchairs enhance a harmonious and elegant environment at the same time.

Oriental style

Dress your home to the purest Asian style

S. Troyes bedroom

An excellent bedroom with trendy dress of glamour a unique and different home.

Dinning room

The serie "TROYES " of our brand Vicalconcept stands out for the blue velvet and floral print that comes with a lot of design and elegance.

Perfect combination

Both the shapes and the colors of each element have to be combined to perfection to achieve the ideal environment.

Golden reflections

The sheens and reflections of the textures in metals, furniture and fabrics combines to give light and promote the sophistication of design.


Unique designer furniture that brings an innovative and elegant character to your home.


Textures that will lighten your home.

More space

Beauty and elegance offer an innovative look in furniture that are able to reflect the environment by offering diverse perspectives. The space is enhanced, the light increases and the brightness of the faceted parts allows you to enjoy a unique vision.

Velvet as protagonist

Velvet returns as an essential element to set up an environment of great potential. This material encourages the intensity of its color and gives a distinguished touch due to its brilliant texture. 

Estilo Art-decó

Our Art-Decó products can dress a home with elegance and glamour. An amazing artwork and stylish furniture, combination of gold with natural look wood, a new trend on furniture with design

An excellent dining room

The elm wood is the protagonist in this dining room with clear tones which brings the perfect serenity and warmth to your home.

Mixes Enrich

We combine leather with wood to decorate your living room, which enriches a perfect industrial style.

Recuerdos de viajes

Madera de mindi, sillones de piel, la calidad natural invita a disfrutar de un momento de lectura y paz, velas aromáticas para despertar los sentidos.

Rincón de lectura

Un rincón de reflexión y recuerdos de viajes lejanos, con materiales naturales crean un ambiente más relajante en tonos cálidos y sobrios-

A very personal toilet

Toilet in the form of a stone that will bring exceptional naturalness to your bathroom.


A truly warm and cosy environment full of handcrafted finishes. Nature can also be in your living room.


It has dawned and there is a dim light. Sun is warm, the atmosphere is flooded in white tones. Pure romanticism.

As a tailored suit.

We dream of finding the perfect piece that fits into your home. If you are a lover of provencal style, these will be for you, as a tailored suit.


A bright room, calm colors, relaxing textures. What can give you greater well-being?

Oriental design

You'll love to see this style with classic pieces or a more ethnic style.

At gates of orient

The best receiver ready for your arrival. Sheens, bronze and gold colors, reflections. Surprise with a style that is more and more present now.

Taste of History

Sitting around a large table of recycled elm and feeling the touch of velvet makes the stories have greater intensity.

On time

When the clock marks the sunset in the warm wood combined with the intensity of the metal we can see that moment full of life.

Wood and leather

The perfect combination to achieve a very classy environment

Industrial tact

The industrial style is imposed more and more. But, contrary to what we may think, gentleness is also present within this style.

Own character

Sofas and armchairs that exude personality. character in a blend of styles that makes a difference.

Elegant freshness

The elegance of the purest materials will help you to achieve environments with perfect touch of freshness.

Perfect armony

Fusion, equilibrium and elegance come together to give a complete and diverse collection able to adapt to different styles, always providing a touch of outstanding personality.

Craft Charm

Clear tones and the color of the wood are blended to perfection in any space giving the maximum charm.

A pleasure

In light of the candles and enjoying the pleasure of a good dinner, surrounded by pieces that invite you to travel the world to every bite.

Oriental Bathroom

If you want to enjoy every sensation, why not make your bathroom the most relaxing room in the house?

Pure autonomy

Think of the perfect office for you. If the style and the class are part of it, this is yours.

With a lot of tact

Textures that joins together in order to create a perfect comfort sensation. Don't be afraid of combinations, the resulting character will be impressionable.

Timeless wood

A style always present and based on the naturalness of timeless wood.

Select club

The clear shades on the upholstery of a cozy sofa illuminate the environment of a select club where you will save your most valued memories.

Natural light

Be surprised to see the changes experienced by craft materials as they come into contact with light. So surprising that every moment of the day will seem like a different piece.

Gold in stone

Reliefs painted to hand with golden tones, different textures and tonalities are the key to obtain a result full of harmony.


The delicate curves in the wood, the most delicate ornamentation, the soft finished to the touch. The aim is clear, take care of the smallest detail.

Inner Light

Nothing more effective to calm the mind than the light of a candle. And if we also join the warmth of wood, the result can be enlightening.


Natural fibres and Wood are the most popular options due to its elegance and warmth. Natural fibres as rattan Will be the protagonists of terrace season for the 2019 bringing all its naturalness and freshness.