Natural fibers, rattan and wood

Wood, natural rattan and vegetable fibers such as linen or jute fabric are perfect to provide that warm and exotic style that any terrace needs, and to ensure at the same time the quality of the materials.

New collection Neva

Discover the new Neva collection, an elegant and exclusive collection, made of marbled glass with touches of steel in gold color. The products that compose this collection are designed especially for contract projects.

Classicism and avant-garde

Elegance and purity with pieces finished in marble that adds the luminosity and eclecticism provided by the metal. The combination of both materials achieves the most modern elegance, withour surpluses or coolness, just purity and balance.

Eternal springtime

Colour and brightness for a picture of eternal springtime.


Purity counterbalancing sumptuous gold.

Minimalist space

Nature and ethnicity merge in a minimalist space.

Nature and freshness

Nature and freshness in total harmony.

Personality and beauty

Influences, personality and beauty merge aesthetically and creatively to impress themselves on all who are welcomed into the home. The result is an exquisite and refined first impression that lingers long in the memory.

Exquisite rest

Sheer elegance to create an environment where space is everything.

Deep rest

Opulent luxury for a deep rest.

Deep sleep

Intimacy, practicality and well-being are vital elements that fill the decoration of this space with feeling.

World of dreams

A world of its own enriched by dreams of all kinds, one full of colour and shapes, of textures and pleasure in a space that is both light and night. A place of refuge to gather strength before setting out again with new energy.

Perfect balance

Classicism with every element in perfect balance.

Provencal style

Sleeping in the purest Provencal style can already be a reality.

Ideal rest

Functionality through a blend of expressive textures and details.

Calm bedroom

Space in which warmth and a feeling of welcome are paramount, it is where the values of the home are displayed. The hall acts as a bridge between indoors and outdoors which hints at the inner life of the home.

Decoration with order

The boldness to go beyond established conventions.

Ver order space

A panoply of materials and surfaces producing order where there might be chaos.

Order in chaos

A panoply of materials and surfaces producing order where there might be chaos.

Order at your fingertips

Elements that offer order and storage alongside smart design and inspiration. Intelligence and class eliminate coldness in a space where the spirit requires time and space for thought and action.

Your individual space

A space where stress and calm go hand in hand needs a range of elements that combine strength and practicality.

A warm and welcoming atmosphere

A truly warm and welcoming atmosphere full of handcrafted finishes.

Intangible beauty

Intangible beauty revealing itself by its mere presence.

Golden scale

Shimmering gold achieved through noble craftsmanship.

A very personal dining room

A global aesthetic to create personal spaces.

Green tones

Green colors evoke nature. And what better way than to dye our decoration of this hopeful color.

A blend of exoticism and balance

A blend of exoticism and balance in a single colour scheme.

Discreet elegance

Gold and black are the perfect combination for an elegant and harmonious dining room.

Interior nature

Nature inspires interior design to create enchantment.

Symmetry through classic lines

Symmetry through classic lines that enhance surface and form.

The art of decoration

Interior decoration is the art of blending modernity and tradition in a single space.

modernity and tradition in a single space

Interior decoration is the art of blending modernity and tradition in a single space.

New Plissé vases collection

All the craft, care for details, design, and aesthetic of PLISSÉ collection by VICALDESIGN, is reflected in the new vases created and designed in collaboration with EstudiHac. The drive shaft of the design is mainly based in pleated fabrics and the adaptation of such to the three-dimensional shapes of VICAL products.

Delicately balancing the classic and the contemporary

Delicately balancing the classic and the contemporary, the timeless wisdom of simplicity to convey the essence of things.

Timeless beauty

Timeless beauty with a contemporary touch that is unafraid of bright colours or being different.

Geometric styling

Geometric shapes are more present than ever in interior decoration. The pieces that meet these premises, in addition to standing out on their own merits, manage to become a focus of attention and break with the monotony of any space.

Vibrant and optimistic interiors

Vibrant, positive interiors steeped in art.


Trend and durability must go hand in hand in any contract project in interior design. And that's what Exkisito achieves, with unique pieces and personality that offer trend, originality and lasting elegance.

Black Brushstrokes

Elegance and styling in equal parts that are the protagonists in a room with dark tones.

Colour oases

Oases that beckon you in.

Classic style

Classically sober elegance.

Perfect elegance

This is the perfect combination of elements to give the stay of strength and class of the most beautiful rooms

The sense of decoration

Contrasts, surfaces, textures in harmony to stimulate the senses.

Texture decoration

Contrasts, surfaces, textures in harmony to stimulate the senses.

Modern elegance

Modern elegance, neither cluttered nor cold, just purity and balance.


A lair for comfort where everything is in its place.

Visual statement

A visual statement in a global world that speaks of the beauty of all cultures.

Warming winter

Clean lines and evocative materials for a warming winter.

Naturalness and luminosity

Naturalness and luminosity at your fingertips in this warm living room.

A work of art

A piece that embraces the passage of time has its own story to tell.

Natural wood

The beauty of natural wood brings serenity and warmth to any environment.

Dream home

Dream homes that do not try too hard, in a seamle as blend of interior and exterior.

Living room

Breathe again while nestling in nature’s patterns.

Noble materials

Noble materials that resist time with character and distinction.

Perfect environments

The elegance of the purest materials will help you achieve perfect environments.

Textures and surfaces

Textures, surfaces and materials that take you back in time.

Colour palette

A palette of beauty freed by and freeing the surrounding space.

An eclectic hall

The best hall ready for your arrival: glitters, colors, gold... Surprise with a style that is increasingly present.

Golden hall

Gold colour brings luminosity and elegance, a perfect way to welcome guests.

Eastern serenity

Eastern serenity through light, nature and harmony.

Quiet environments

Feel calm in your relaxing place of home.

Perfect combination

Both the shapes and the colors of each element have to be combined to perfection to achieve the ideal environment.

More space

Beauty and elegance offer an innovative look in furniture that are able to reflect the environment by offering diverse perspectives. The space is enhanced, the light increases and the brightness of the faceted parts allows you to enjoy a unique vision.

Elegance and trend

Elegance and trend go hand in hand in this environment of our brand Vicalconcept. With the combination of white, black and gold, you get a space full of luxury.

A very personal toilet

Toilet in the form of a stone that will bring exceptional naturalness to your bathroom.


A truly warm and cosy environment full of handcrafted finishes. Nature can also be in your living room.


It has dawned and there is a dim light. Sun is warm, the atmosphere is flooded in white tones. Pure romanticism.

As a tailored suit.

We dream of finding the perfect piece that fits into your home. If you are a lover of provencal style, these will be for you, as a tailored suit.

Oriental design

You'll love to see this style with classic pieces or a more ethnic style.

At gates of orient

The best receiver ready for your arrival. Sheens, bronze and gold colors, reflections. Surprise with a style that is more and more present now.

Taste of History

Sitting around a large table of recycled elm and feeling the touch of velvet makes the stories have greater intensity.

Wood and leather

The perfect combination to achieve a very classy environment

Industrial tact

The industrial style is imposed more and more. But, contrary to what we may think, gentleness is also present within this style.

Perfect armony

Fusion, equilibrium and elegance come together to give a complete and diverse collection able to adapt to different styles, always providing a touch of outstanding personality.

Craft Charm

Clear tones and the color of the wood are blended to perfection in any space giving the maximum charm.

A pleasure

In light of the candles and enjoying the pleasure of a good dinner, surrounded by pieces that invite you to travel the world to every bite.

Oriental Bathroom

If you want to enjoy every sensation, why not make your bathroom the most relaxing room in the house?

Timeless wood

A style always present and based on the naturalness of timeless wood.

Select club

The clear shades on the upholstery of a cozy sofa illuminate the environment of a select club where you will save your most valued memories.

Your own Temple

Your own Temple. Imagine waking up surrounded by expert hand carved pieces especially for you. Each piece is unique and unrepeatable. Nothing better to feel in your own temple.

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