What new project can we surprise with this year 2019 at Intergift? What new idea can we show you our passion for the world of decoration? As every year, we sit down to prepare the fair with all our enthusiasm.
We have many new and new bets for this 2019: colorful upholstery, lots of new decoration, rattan lamps, furniture of different styles... but our creativity and imagination cannot be set aside in our projects.
We like to create and innovate, this is part of our day to day, because design is in everything we do and see. This is why we again counted on our artist Jordi Albiñana to develop our project.
After several meetings, ideas, ... we wanted to take advantage of the centenary of the Bauhaus to create a mural that would not leave anyone indifferent. Here is the design of our artist Jordi for Vical.

Madrid, Intergift
Vical Products: ARUSA SIDE TABLE,
Decoration project: Fairs
Photography: Pep Gramage
Project year: 2019
Interior designer: Jordi Albiñana

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