VICAL space in Barcelona

Magana inspiration is one of our official distributors in Barcelona. It is located in the heart of the city, just a few metres from the Rambla Catalunya, and has all the VICAL furniture and decoration showing the new trends and luxury designs of our brand.

It is a space of more than 160 m², exclusive and magical in which any customer can travel through the senses and discover the wonderful collections of furniture and deco.

The Magana Inspiration group is made up of professionals in landscaping and decoration who bring their creativity and passion to each project. They offer their services and experience to interior designers, architects, decorators and builders to provide solutions for interior and exterior spaces.
You can contact them through their website

Barcelona, rambla Catalunya.
Vical Products: CARPI STOOL,
Decoration project: Vical Spaces
Photography: Raul Palma
Project year: 2022
Interior designer: Antonio García de Dekorasihome

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