VICALDESIGN unveils new PLISSÉ collection

Following VICAL’s recent lunch of VICALDESIGN, the new line dedicated exclusively to design, the spotlight turns to the new PLISSÉ collection brought out by VICALDESIGN itself together with Estudi{H}ac designer José Manuel Ferrero.

VICAL’s creation of a new line centred on its own product designs has at its heart the idea of harnessing its own collections to the imagination of different designers to create unique furniture and interior design collections.

PLISSÉ is the first collection produced by VICALDESIGN in conjunction with José Manuel Ferrero of Estudi{H}ac fame. This series consists in designing an array of handcrafted pieces crafted using only natural processes. This attractive and elegant collection is inspired by the life of the endlessly inventive Mario Fortuny and the Parisian craftsmanship of the Lognan company.

The leitmotif of this collection, which was unveiled on Wednesday, April 7 at El Invernadero the Sibarist, a 19th century aristocratic greenhouse in the heart of Madrid, is the use of pleated fabrics and their interplay with the three-dimensional shapes of VICAL pieces. The textures, the points of light and the physical mass that these bring to the draped forms of the design are its very core.

The PLISSÉ collection consists of a series of pieces separated into three groups based on the different materials of which they are made.

The most delicately handcrafted work, made entirely from natural fibres, constitutes PLISSÉ RATTAN. Here is where the entire seating range (sofas, armchairs and chairs), along with tables, lamps, lampshades and screens comes from. Here, the rattan has been delicately worked to achieve a perfect interweaving of fibres.

PLISSÉ WOOD is all about natural wood, furniture that has been sculpted into pleated geometric patterns of varying size to create a seamless connection between tables and surrounding furniture.

PLISSÉ METAL consists of a broken twill weave, or herringbone, pattern around a set of plant holders that fuse metal and cement. There is a chair of similar design which conveys the entire concept of the collection, making it the essence of PLISSÉ.

As a final touch, PLISSÉ STONE presents a set of outsize plant holders that plays off the pleated effects against the texture of weathered stone. These are wholly handmade pieces that adhere to a single design concept, but with each piece unique in itself.