Terms and conditions of use


In order to avoid errors, all orders and notifications must be sent in writing, via e-mail .
The prices of our rates do not include current taxes.


Spain € 100 € 400 € 35
Canary Islands € 200 € 400 € 35
Ceuta / Melilla € 200 € 400 € 100
Portugal € 200 € 400 € 35
France / Italy / Luxemburgo / Austria / Polonia € 350 € 1.200 / € 2.000 (islands) € 120
Holanda / Grecia / Alemania / Rep.Checa € 350 € 1.500 € 150
Andorra € 200 € 400 € 100
Other EU countries € 350 FOB PENINSULA
FOB PENINSULA (Any city in the peninsula)

New customer :

Shipping paid postage, will be made through agencies with which Vical Home has arranged transport. If our client requests the shipment by another agency, they must communicate it in writing, and the expenses will be paid by their account.

We confirm that the obligation of the carrier is to place the order outside his store, not inside, always at street level.

Delivery Deadlines

The items in stock will be delivered in a maximum of 8 working days once the order is formalized. The rest of articles for the date that we will have indicated them in the previous confirmation of the order.

You will receive a warning notice by e-mail or fax when your merchandise has left our warehouses.

Payment Terms

Pro-Forma _ 3% discount.

Turning on Sight _ 2% off

Turns, up to 60 days.

90 day money orders for orders over € 6,000

Turns to 120 days, on orders over € 12,000

After-Sales Service

Vical Home does not accept returns of merchandise.

Before signing the delivery note of the carrier, the customer should check and confirm the number of packages and their status, if you can not check the merchandise, it will indicate on the delivery note of the carrier " Pending to Review ".

No incidents that have not been notified to the factory in writing within 48 hours of receiving the goods , will be accepted at incidencias@vicalhome.com

Returns must be made in the original packaging and have not been assembled or used. First, the damaged part will be collected and once it has been checked at the factory, it will be replaced.

For any return that does not have as a cause of damage or error of the company, the return postage will be borne by the customer.

All merchandise with a defect will be replaced and not paid, unless there is not enough stock of it. In which case the amount of the credit will be deducted from your next invoice.

In no case, the cost of the item will be refunded.

Because they are handmade products, there may be variations. For specific cases verify all the information with the technical department, since the returns for technical reasons of that type, will be borne by the customer.


For any divergence caused by the breach of the conditions of purchase-sale, the two parties will expressly submit to the courts of Valencia renouncing theirs if this were another.


All materials are guaranteed for 2 years from the invoice date, provided it is a manufacturing defect.

The guarantee replaces the item as many times as necessary at zero cost, but the amount of the item is never returned.

Customer Service Phone 96 220 00 60


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