Private House in Alicante

VICAL has opted for a rustic style for this dream home in Alicante. The house has been based on the rustic style as the main base from which to start and on this, the interior designer of VICAL, Antonio Treviño, has been adding trends with which to get the most out of the overall room. The main focus of the home is the kitchen. In this location, industrial flashes come into play with materials such as dark iron and wood, which provide the warmth of the home and at the same time give a sense of continuity between the rooms. For the living room, large canvases and circular elements made of natural fibres have been chosen to decorate the walls and add new colours to the chosen palette. Gold, used in these decorative motifs, fits in perfectly with the earth tones and provides the necessary punch that activates and revitalises a room as important as the living room of a home.

As this is a two-storey home with the possibility of overhead light coming in through the ceiling, there is no lack of plant motifs that feed off this light, thus refreshing the room and giving a more natural touch to the whole house.

Vical Products:
Decoration project: Households
Photography: Juan Serrano Corbella
Project year: 2023
Interior designer: Antonio García, Dekorasihome


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