Cotton cushions, carpets, plaids, blankets and other textiles are in charge of dressing the home and preparing it to the coldest time of the year. Soft and irresistible, they are the perfect pieces to warm up in a stylish way without losing any touch of elegance.

What are the most used materials in this type of fabrics?

One of the star materials is velvet, able to provide a very fashionable classic point. The trend lies in betting on short-haired varieties and current colours such as rose or blue.  Something unthinkable until a few years ago how to find upholstered velvet pieces in environments of less classic styles like the Nordic or the industrial, now it is normalized, and we find the contrast as a unique sign of identity and that certainly is marking trend.

The softness and beauty of this fabric can give a very modern air and also an elegant and sophisticated to the space dressed.

We can find it in cushions, headboards, carpets… but also in the furniture upholstery. This is a very recurrent material when we must dress the home.

On the other hand, when it comes to dress home, nothing better than cotton fabric to add warmth and comfort to any corner.

Of natural origin, it’s one of the most appreciated fabric materials. Its easy maintenance and durability, its smoothness… make it a clear object of desire when decorating our interiors. It is a very used material in decorative pieces such as cushions, plaids, carpets… that are in charge of dressing homes in the coldest times and provide the warmth that is needed.

textiles invernales

What are the most used colours?

Who said the bright colours were only for the summer? The colours are also for winter, as much as for summer. What better way to give life to our spaces in the greyest time of the year with prints and bright colours.

Another option is to choose the characteristic colours of the time like creams, greys, blacks, browns… darker and more neutral colours. The choice of this type of colours will help to bring luminosity to the environments.

The most important thing is to be able to contribute to the home the warmth and comfort that require stays in these times of the year.

textiles invernales

Some of the most popular pieces in this winter season are carpets.

Carpets have a very important role in the decoration, make the spaces look warmer, and offer many possibilities to decorate the homes.

Neutral-tone carpets such as white or grey provide luminosity and give style to any space. This type of carpet works very well in the decoration with light shades as it will bring a little more character.

On the other hand, putting colour through the carpets is also a perfect option not only to dress the home but to make it a cosy place and full of life.

If clear colours predominate in a space, you bet on a carpet in dark shades. It will create very striking and life-long contrasts