Responsible and sustainable consumption is increasingly important in the world we live in. In more and more sectors, consumers are opting new forms of consumption that allow them to enjoy the product without needing to own it.

In the fashion industry, the shift to new ownership models is being driven by a growing consumer desire for variety, sustainability and affordability.

In this context of growing interest in sustainability, responsible consumption and exclusivity, OLIBATI has emerged a new fashion brand with an innovative, transgressive project underway that supports responsible consumption of fashion.

VICAL decora el showroom de Olibati
OLIBATI showroom, Marqués del Riscal 8, Madrid.

OLIBATI is an online circular fashion platform, in which you can enjoy the current season’s international luxury brand garments in three ways: buying new product, hiring and buying second-hand.

VICAL decora el showroom de Olibati
OLIBATI showroom, Marqués del Riscal 8, Madrid.

OLIBATI Showroom

When OLIBATI approached us with their proposal, we did not hesitate to support their project and to collaborate in decorating and designing their new showroom, located at the Ruiz de la Prada family’s premises. It has a long history in the fashion world, since in this very place the renowned designer Agatha Ruiz de la Prada had her first showroom.

We selected the pieces that would be part of the space along with Ana and Claudia from OLIBATI. First of all, the Tardiano stool in pink velvet tufted upholstery is a perfect piece for a space like this. Secondly, we chose our famous Brillón armchairs in green tones, thus, we offered a hopeful touch to the environment that will contrast with the Olivia rug in dark tones.

VICAL decora el showroom de Olibati
Betliar chair and Olivia carpet in OLIBATI showroom

VICAL Bed foot stool in OLIBATI showroom

Located at calle Marqués del Riscal 8, Madrid, a reservation is required to enjoy the OLIBATI experience, with which they want to imitate the sensation of being in a luxury shop: choosing, trying, experimenting, taking advice and deciding.

VICAL decora el showroom de Olibati
Ana Taboada, Olibati’s CEO

Fashion and furniture: more connected than ever

Fashion and furniture are two concepts that are more closely connected than ever: they share design, trends and collections. And we therefore want to offer a voice to this union of sectors by collaborating with OLIBATI and presenting our imitated pieces in their exclusive showroom.

VICAL will participate in the forthcoming edition of the Madrid Design Festival in February 2022. In this forthcoming edition in which CONNECTED DESIGN is the main concept, VICAL will participate along with OLIBATI to defend responsible consumption in the world of fashion and design and, above all, to get across the idea that design, exclusivity and quality can go hand-in-hand with sustainability.

VICAL Madrid Design Festival