We launch of VICALDESIGN, the new VICAL line of signature collections.  

Vical’s passion to create and innovate has been a feature of each item and every collection it has brought out. Vical has decided to go a step further with the development and launch of VICALDESIGN, the new line that incorporates special collections jointly conceived in collaboration with studios and designers.

Offering unique items of furniture and interior design has always been a Vical hallmark, along with ensuring that all our furniture is made using the most sustainable methods and with great respect for the environment, guaranteeing that clients enjoy unique, high-quality and environmentally friendly design.

The first VICALDESIGN collaboration sees us arrive arm in arm with the Valencian designer José Manuel Ferrero of estudi{H}ac.

Estudi{H}ac is a studio that specializes in design commissions that combine product design and creative concept, to create unique, timeless pieces or spaces, that are eyecatching both visually and also for the story behind them.

The new VICALDESIGN collection will be launched soon, arm in arm with Estudi{H}ac.