With which new project can we surprise this year? With which new idea can we show you our passion for the world of decoration?

Like every year, we meet to prepare the fair with all our enthusiasm.

Our Director, along with our decorator, prepares all the product they want to bring to the fair and how to expose it, also together with our art director.

We have many novelties and new proposals for this 2019: Tapestries of colours, lots of new decoration, rattan lamps, furniture of different styles… but our creativity and imagination can’t be left out in our projects.

We like to create and innovate, this is part of our day to day, because the design is in everything we do and see. This is why we came back to have our artist Jordi Albiñana to develop our project.

vical bauhaus


After several meetings, ideas… we wanted to take advantage of the centenary of the Bauhaus to create a mural that did not leave anyone indifferent.

vical bauhaus intergift

The Bauhaus was the school of Architecture, design, craftsmanship and art founded in 1919 by Walter Gropius in Weimar which exerted enormous influence on architecture and contemporary decor. And what better way to get into the world of decoration than based on this famous movement?

vical intergift

We are very happy for your unconditional support to our brand because only so we can continue doing what we like with all effort and passion in this world of furniture and decoration.

We hope you liked it as much as we do and hope surprise you each year with new projects.


Vical team.

vical bauhaus