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Vegan is one who does not feed on products that come from animals. No meat, fish, dairy, eggs, or honey. But veganism goes further, it has transcended the food field to become a lifestyle where no product of animal origin is used. And that includes furniture also.

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Veganism is a lifestyle based on respect for animals and non-contribution to the exploitation of these for human consumption.

More and more people are specifically looking for sustainable furniture and choosing transparency in the manufacturing process and in the materials used.

This is why veganism is a growing trend and has gained a place in the market for those products that do not have any component of animal origin.

Vegan materials

Vegan materials can be produced artificially or come from sustainable natural sources. Wood, metal, bamboo … they are vegan materials. So are fabrics such as cotton or linen and filler fibers such as Kapok, from an exotic tree.

In textiles, jute or sisal are the most important vegan materials. Although viscose and polyester are also used.

Ceiling lamp VICAL

How to get a vegan house?

1.Recover, Reuse, and Recycle, the famous rule of the three ecological R’s also applies in a vegan house. Before buying something new it is always preferable to recover a piece, either by restoting it or giving it a new use.

2.Surround yourself with plants, both inside and outside the home. Plants are a great natural purifier as they filter the carbon monoxide present in the home air and help regulate the ambient humidity.

3.Use ecological materials such as cork or bamboo, 100% ecological and sustainable materials, coming from an herbaceous, which means that every year it sprouts again, even if it is cut down. In fact, it’s the fastest growing plant on the planet!

4.Bet on solar energy.
A perfect house for a vegan lifestyle would be one that has solar panels, since it is a renewable energy, respectful with the environment and totally sustainable.

VICAL vegan furniture in spanish Magazine “El sector”

VICAL is committed to a sustainable future

Our feeling for the planet’s natural beauty can only be expressed truly through the adoption of methods of production that advocate respect for the environment and our surroundings. Gradually, consciously and thoughtfully, at VICAL we have created over the years a business model of our own that is all about sustainability.

50% of what we create involves reusing and transforming recycled pieces of furniture and other materials that had previously had other uses. By means of craftsmanship, these pieces are recovered and reworked to be given a second life.

In our commitment to maintain the natural life cycle of each piece, we travel to each source country, respecting indigenous traditions and working side by side with each locality and each culture.

VICAL is committed to a sustainable future