VICAL Receives its registration seal for its carbon footprint

VICAL has received the REGISTRATION SEAL FOR ITS CARBON FOOTPRINT, granted by the Ministry for Ecological Transition, MITECO. It is a major step that few companies take and sets out a path focused on reducing the company’s carbon emissions and its commitment to climate change.

The seal makes it easier for organizations to show that they have registered their carbon footprint and also allows them to indicate the extent of their contribution to the fight against climate change. As such, there is a distinction between those organizations that calculate their carbon footprint and are on the path towards reducing their emissions, as compared to those that are already reducing and/or offsetting.

By calculating and registering its carbon footprint, VICAL is demonstrating its determination to minimize its impact on the environment.

Our feeling for the planet’s natural beauty can only be expressed truly through the adoption of methods of production that advocate respect for the environment and our surroundings.

Gradually, consciously and thoughtfully, at VICAL we have created over the years a business model of our own that is all about sustainability. 50% of what we create involves reusing and transforming recycled pieces of furniture and other materials that had previously had other uses. By means of craftsmanship, these pieces are recovered and reworked to be given a second life.

Alongside this, the use of solar panels in our facilities, the recycling of all the chemical components used and the continuous review of the air conditioning filters all contribute to VICAL’s commitment to the environment.

This seal has arrived just in time for it to be celebrated as part of International Day of Climate Action.

The International Day of Climate Action is commemorated around the world on October 24 every year. This International Day was designated by the UN to spearhead the response to the great damage that is being unleashed on the planet due to climate change.