VICAL collaborates in the Tailor{H}otel project by Estudi{H}ac for Maderalia

TAILOR{H}OTEL, a contract installation for the forthcoming Fimma Maderalia fair that recreates different rooms from a hotel designed and developed by Estudi{H}ac in which VICAL collaborates with products from VICALDESIGN’s PLISSÉ collection.

VICAL colabora en Tailorhotel

TAILOR{H}OTEL is a conceptual hotel idea divided into four major environments. The play and work of textile patterns are the source of inspiration for creating a whole flexible system of horizontal and vertical surfaces to represent the materials with a new approach. Playing with patterns and using transparency and opacity in an architectural juxtaposition, an installation will be created with dynamic compositions of materials and a unique perspective.

VICAL colabora en Tailorhotel

A visual and electrifying concept that will surprise architects, designers and influencers; this will all be complemented by a selection of the most representative design products in estudi{H}ac’s catalogue.

One of the keys to the project is the textile patterns work, a concept used by José Manuel Ferrero as the engine in the pieces that make up VICALDESIGN’s PLISSÉ collection, which is being undertaken jointly with estudi{H}ac. These pieces are part of TAILOR{H}OTEL’s design, where the essence of the PLISSÉ pieces will blend in with the rest of the hotel’s furniture.

The pieces selected for the project are part of PLISSÉ WOOD and PLISSÉ METAL, the part of the collection in which dark tones, herringbone lines and pleated geometric shapes predominate in the pieces.


Plissé collecion by VICALDESIGN