VICAL at the Maison & Objet 2022 fair

Sophistication, attention to detail and love for craftsmanship are some of the concepts that VICAL expresses this year at Maison & Objet with the pieces and spaces it presents. Fabrics such as bouclé, upholstery in bright tones, materials such as marble and velvet, as well as lacquered armchairs, are some of the protagonists in this new edition that will open its doors from March 24 to 28.

VICAL en Maison Objet 2022

Inspiration and trends 2022

VICAL has adapted to the moment in which society finds itself, where more and more values are influencing what is consumed and how it is consumed. Every year, VICAL bets more and more on collections that advocate sustainability, but without leaving exclusivity aside. For this reason, VICAL takes each trend that enters the market and transforms it into unique pieces and collections.

The striking and groundbreaking tones take center stage to fill spaces with light, combining and contrasting with dark blue tones such as sea water blue, greenish tones, purples, bright pinks and of course, pieces and spaces where the contrast between black and white reigns.

Its new collection of chairs and armchairs favours this colour palette in its new designs, with velvet upholstery combined with lacquered finishes in black and gold. Modern mustard-coloured rattan pieces lacquered in black and furniture with elegant marble will be among the other new design in this collection. One of the materials to have made a big arrival is bouclé fabric, made of a knotted yarn. In an era when elegance was associated with fine, clean lines, this fabric came along to break the mould and thus offer homes the elegance and sophistication that only bouclé can achieve in any space.

The collection of pictures will be among the brand’s most surprising, with a strong focus on busts of different ethnic origins and a broad range of colours on a black background.

Decorative pieces will notably feature mirrors with a new, exclusive designs in which golden colours and carved wood will predominate. An extensive collection of impressive amphorae and earthenware jars in different shades of pearl grey, beige and neutral colours will also be on display, underlining the brand’s artisan credentials.

Marble will also be part of VICAL’s new designs. Its collection includes figures and sculptures carved in marble and motifs representing marine fauna and flora. Authentic pieces of art created so that their design can adorn any corner of the home. A nod is also made to this trend in the Neva Collection, which consists of glass pieces with a marble finish combined with a golden colour.

Sustainable materials and wooden pieces will play a major role. Wooden lamps have been added to the brand’s extensive collection of lamps. This year’s new products will focus especially on table and ceiling lamps made of this material in different formats and colours. And when it comes to shapes and structures, ball lamps continue to triumph in spaces and homes.

You will be able to see all VICAL’s designs in the next edition of Maison & Objet, in

Hall 5A, Stands P168 – S167