We celebrate our 70th anniversary with all the passion we started with and a diary full of events to celebrate the landmarks along the way and to toast those that are still to be reached.

70 aniversario vical

This year will be the 70th since VICAL set out on its journey. As a brand our stock in trade has always been our energy and passion. Having started out as a producer of handcrafted wickerwork, we have developed into a touchstone for high-class home decoration, interweaving ideas from every corner of the world. Finding and sharing beauty through the creation of unique items and spaces for elegant living has been our hallmark throughout.


The past, present and future of VICAL

The landmark of seventy is the perfect time to tell our life story. It is a tale that began in 1950, based on craftsmanship and traditional skills, and has continued to evolve each step of the way: from our early years in wicker, working with willow, wood and basketry, all the way to our exquisite current collections of furniture and interior decoration. A perpetual moving ahead that has thrilled us because it has enabled us to experiment, take risks and commit ourselves to the creation of genuine works of art, made with conviction and dedication, poring over every detail.

cestería VICAL

To celebrate such a special anniversary, at VICAL we want to share a series of events throughout the year to help us remember how we got to where we are and inspire us to carry on striding towards future landmarks. These include the launch of a new brand for the hospitality sector in February to the announcement of a very special design competition, and of course the opening of a brand new showroom.


A diary full of special dates to mark our 70th birthday

Although we will be revealing further details of each event, we want to make a general announcement of the dates and special occasions that will sprinkle our 70th anniversary with stardust.

In February we will launch a new hospitality sector brand that we have been getting more and more excited about over the months of hard work, while in March we announce a very special design competition which will have the 70th anniversary as the central theme. April will see us host a very special celebration in the form of a birthday party at Casadecor, Madrid. A big event to enjoy with customers, colleagues and friends.

Another highpoint of the year will take place in May with the opening of our new 1,200 square metre showroom, a space in which to show a broad range of pieces from our new catalogue. And June will see a special 70th birthday design collection projecting the spirit, soul and passion of VICAL.

As well as all these diary dates, our presence at trade shows will be even more eyecatching as we display a selection of pieces and features that tell the whole story of VICAL’s voyage. After starting the year at the Maison & Objet show in Paris, we continue in February with Intergift in Madrid and round off the season with Hábitat in Valencia and the September edition of Intergift again in Madrid.


Craftsmanship as one of our defining features

In a world of right now, and its production of identikit impersonal objects, at VICAL we have a commitment to craftsmanship. This more painstaking and time-consuming way of working is also a commitment to creativity, talent and the time-honoured craftsmanship of the skilled hands that carry out the work.

Our respect for craftsmanship underlies each creative idea. From the very moment of selection of the materials for a new product, we travel to the country where that material comes from and where it is worked by hand, using only natural processes. This is how every VICAL piece comes to life, born of the love of skilled craftsmen for their working materials and their trade.

catálogo antiguo Vical

From this handcrafting of each item emerge pieces of furniture and features imbued with values that endure and hark back to a more conscious and mindful consumption, one that yearns for an identity beyond endless replication.

Production methods based on sustainability

Our feeling for the planet’s natural beauty can only be expressed truly through the adoption of methods of production that advocate respect for the environment and our surroundings. Gradually, consciously and thoughtfully, at VICAL over the years we have created a business model of our own that is all about sustainability.

VICAL - sostenibilidad maderas recicladas

50% of what we create involves reusing and transforming recycled pieces of furniture and other materials that had previously had other uses. Through craftsmanship, these pieces are recovered and reworked to be given a second life. In our commitment to maintain the natural life cycle of each piece, we travel to each source country, respecting indigenous traditions and working side by side with each locality and each culture.


Age and distinction

It is things that are genuine, distinctive and imperfect that acquire true beauty with the passage of time. The ageing process reveals the natural beauty of the noble woods, imbuing each groove, flaw or irregularity with personality and character. It is precisely this that makes each VICAL piece unique: the way we value the richness added by time to every material.

The living materials that our pieces are made from mature to reveal a beauty that adds itself in turn to the space and warmth of the home. The imperfect, individual finish of every piece, alongside craftsmanship and sustainability, are the very essence of VICAL.

maderas recicladas vical

VICAL lives and progresses by being true to the values that define the brand’s path and the team whose work keeps us going: dreams, passion and perseverance keep this compelling project moving forward. Would you like to come along?