If you think velvet is only for winter, you’re so wrong!

This sophisticated fabric has joined now with rattan, to show us its freshest and lightest version. A duet with a guaranteed success, as these two materials match perfectly and will help us to decorate our spaces with the latest fashion trends.   We show you how to do it!

vical velvet

Natural fibers such as rattan provide freshness, naturalness and an artisanal air. In addition, they are the most recommended for their elegance, warmth and timelessness. When we talk about rattan, we automatically come to mind the specific furniture for outdoor environments. However, it is increasingly being used for indoor environments. It is a material that adapts easily to any decoration since it can be used in any type of furniture and decorative object. This is why rattan is a very useful material when it comes to decorating and furnishing our spaces.

On the other hand, velvet is incredibly sophisticated and able to provide a very fashionable classic point. Something unthinkable until a few years ago like finding upholstered pieces of velvet in environments of less classic styles such as Nordic or industrial, now normalizes and we find the contrast as a unique sign of identity and that is definitely setting trends.

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The union of these two materials is the perfect combination to transform a very sophisticated look and give it a more natural and fresh touch.

You can find it in chairs and armchairs, on footrests even in lamps.

velvet and rattan vicalhome

At Vical we bet on originality and launch a new line of lacquered rattan and velvet furniture, with bright and different colours. Do you dare with them in your projects?

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