It’s nearly 70 years since Vical first set up as a family company, devoting itself to producing the finest wicker products, in times when wicker and glass were the engines of the local economy. 70 years on and we have evolved in every sense; from our final products, our working practices and now, our corporate image.

It’s precisely for this reason that we are excited to release our new logo and corporate branding. We want our company to live and breathe the same values we apply to our products: Freshness, modernity, and trend.

With our new image, we want to transmit renovation and show that there is no limit to what Vical can achieve. We intend to become a benchmark brand in the current markets of luxury decoration and furniture design, and we want to do this with our new brand image.

Our new corporate image and the previous 70 years make this the perfect time to open the doors to the history of our company, to tell you more about ourselves, and to bring you inside our company and our projects, and show you the dedication we put into everything we have done since we first opened for business all those years ago. We still abide by the same maxim, to offer the very best to those who make everything we do possible: Our clients.

“It’s been many years and many generations” explains José Boluda, director and owner of Vical. José Boluda is the son of one of the founders of Vical and one of the key people in charge of giving life and soul to Vical’s products, converting the company into what it is today. “We have adapted to changing markets, but always with a strategy, a core team, and well-thought out, progressive iterations to our business model”, Boluda adds.


But at Vical, we don’t just focus on the market or what our competitors are doing. The engine behind our evolution as a company has always been something different: “Doing what we want to do and what we believe in”, says Boluda. Because this is the only way to put passion into your work. At Vical we believe in attention to detail, in decoration, and in elegance. And above all, we strive to set ourselves apart with our own style.

In Boluda’s words, “creativity, attitude, humility, honour, consistency and passion are values of Vical and the whole team here”. Perhaps one of the biggest achievements for the company throughout its history has been maintaining these values across three generations, constantly striving to keep them alive. “We have managed to define our business model and we’re dedicated to keeping it that way”.


Quality is our product, the efficiency with which we work and what we finally deliver to our customers. Our ample catalogue and the promise we make to our customers and our suppliers are the key strengths of Vical.

How do we do this? We visit our providers and our clients to listen to them, to learn about what they want and what they need. We also make a commitment to them to deliver products to the highest standard of quality. “Based upon work, effort, and sincerity”, says the director of the company

Another differentiating factor is our stable catalogue which we release every two years, allowing us to continuously set ourselves more creative and ambitious challenges. In it, we group our most popular products and commit ourselves to maintaining a good number of products for the two years the catalogue is in circulation.


On the one hand, Vical Home, is a more stable catalogue; our showpiece which displays our timeless products. On the other, Vical Concept allows us to offer contemporary, risky and progressive products. With Vical Concept we can develop more daring concepts and let our creativity shine. And why not? The two collections open up a world of possibility and combination.

With this divide, we also want to help our clients with their work, offering them new concepts in art and decoration, and this is how our director explains it: “By opting for the riskier path, the unique and the distinct has been a complete success with our clients, and that is what truly matters to us. Offering them only the very best”.


From seeking out inspiration to define our new products, right through to delivering them to our clients, we stick to a continuous path of evolution always searching for ways to improve. We are inspired by every destination and every market we make our products for: our factory is our world, and our aim is to keep exploring it.

Our story is a blend of effort, growth and commitment and we want you to be a part of it.