The Entrena con Ainhoa clinic an exercise in contrasting styles

The Entrena con Ainhoa training and nutrition clinic has chosen VICAL to transform its clinics in Alicante and Madrid, introducing a modern, casual style, with the colour pink very much to the fore.

Clínica entrena con Ainhoa VICAL

Entrena con Ainhoa and its founder, Ainhoa herself, have quickly become a go-to online presence in the field of sport and nutrition. Their training and nutrition plans are on everyone’s lips, on social media and beyond.

Taking care of oneself is a no-brainer and, with this in mind, the aim was to show that beauty is to be found both on the inside and the outside. With this in mind, Ainhoa herself, in tandem with VICAL and the interior designer Antonio García of Dekorasihome, have kicked off with every shade of pink.

The mixture of bright neon with lighter tones, and these in turn with out-and-out dark tones, means that the visitor’s eye is first caught by the former, focusing attention on the name of the company, achieving the ever-important goal of brand recognition.

Clínica entrena con Ainhoa VICAL

With beauty as the central theme, the style chosen for the clinics is a perfect balance of timeless elegance and contemporary chic, coming together to create a perfectly laid out and structured setting.

The use of materials such as velvet and golden elements, together with the contrasting use of pastel colours alongside stronger tones, give a modern and exclusive feel to the space, making it seem at first that you are entering a beauty salon rather than a fitness and nutrition clinic. Hence the importance of being able to combine inner and outer beauty.

Clínica entrena con Ainhoa VICAL

The interior of the clinic has a more restrained aesthetic, featuring golden hues and warmer tones. A pleasing array of browns, yellows and greens envelop the client in serene comfort.

Clínica entrena con Ainhoa VICAL

In a centre dedicated largely to health, natural elements such as plants are essential, and also earth tones to provide a more human feel that contrasts with the more modern electric look that first greets the client. A venture in contrasting styles that conveys beauty in its infinite forms and facets.

Clínica entrena con Ainhoa VICAL


Calle Barquillo No. 10
28004, Madrid

INTERIOR DESIGN PROJECT: Antonio García Treviño, Dekorasihome.
PHOTOGRAPHY: Juan Serrano Corbella