Spring has already arrived and with it the light, the colours, the energy… It’s the perfect time to see all our projects flourish!

Novelties in rattan and natural fibers for outdoor spaces, colourful textiles and very cool designs, carpets and decorative accessories. Many new pieces to be able to add in new projects.

The time of cold is over and the warm days begin that fill with life and joy every corner of our environments. This feeling can be moved to the interior of our projects creating a spring decor to fill with light every stay of a home.

Vivid colours, floral and light textiles, fresh plants and flowers… These are the ideas that characterize the typical decoration of this time of year.

Prints are also essential for decorating. Floral cushions, coloured tablecloths, printed upholstery… They bring vitality to any decorative object to which it’s applied.

Also the flowers and plants are the prettiest and most popular decoration for spring. Well placed in some base in any room of the house or on the outside, in a nice flowerpot in the garden. If we want to créate a real spring environment, it is something that can’t be missed. There is nothing more spring tan flowers, its color and its smell.

What colours should we use in decoration?

it is almost advisable to opt for bright and vivid colours that transmit light and enery. Green and yellow are perhaps the two most used colours. Also oranges, blues, red tones, pastels…

The spring decor can look both inside and outside a house. It’s simply a matter of using the right decorative objects and filling a home with light and vitality.

Smell of spring!

A very characteristic part of this time of year are the fragances that give off the environments. Jasmine, fresh flowers, roses… And many more smells that identify the spring.

Vical has inspired in these smells of nature creating 2 collections of very identifiable fragances:

  • 4 elements collection: Aire, Fuego, Agua and Tierra.
  • Fragances of the world collection: Jaipur, Tombuctú, Xian, Londres, Sevilla and Paris.

Each one of these fragances evoques a place, a feeling, an object. The most passionate, the lovers of freedom, the dreamers… Everyone can identify with one of our fragances.