Sophistication and fun in the VIP Space of the VICAL showroom

Over 3,000 m2 of exhibition floorspace and a connecting element, the VIP Space. This area is designed to teleport the visitor to a universe of colour in which curved shapes and the blending of light and dark are key.

Pep Gramage and Antonio Treviño conceived and oversaw the character and shape of the VICAL showroom at the company’s head office (in Ollería, Valencia). Deep within is the VIP Space, the landing berth of our most privileged visitors.

First impressions are of a sea of colour. Majestic curtains drape the walls from floor to ceiling, curving carefully along the contours of the space. Corners are shunned in the design and curved lines predominate.

Light is another feature of the design and decor. Strategically deployed, the light brings out the colour of the curtains and sets off the spotlighting of the VICAL furniture that adorn the space.

The play of light and shadow in such a colourful space counterbalances its depth and height, giving the room a dimensionless quality.

Velvet curtains cover every wall in a sequenced pattern of colours highlighted further by being lit from below, providing a sense of warmth, sumptuousness and controlled eclecticism.

The VICAL showroom’s VIP space has been conceived to offer a fun yet stylish experience. Pep Gramage, one of its creators, explains that this is achieved by combining the curtains, which bring a sense of colour and elegance, and the glamour of the gold finished furniture.

It is a bold blend of classic and modern with a quirkiness that transports the visitor to a unique and different space.