“Mirrors are the only ones who tells the truth through the glass” (Memory 2018’19).

Mirrors are fundamental elements that cannot be missed in any home.

A mirror gives presence, tranquillity, peace. He wears a home of elegance and brings greatness to any space.


A very handy place to place a mirror is the hall. A large mirror, well supported directly on the ground or, is an exceptional element to make a small space as it is usually the hall.

But also, in the dining room, along with the furniture, or above the couch. It is a decorative element that provides light and space in any room of a home.

Also, in the rooms it is very convenient to place a mirror. It is a very useful element in the day to day and as mentioned above, it is essential to make the place look more spacious. Especially for small rooms are ideal. They can be placed directly on the wall as a canvas, or on top of a dresser, for example.

The idea is that the mirror will provide extra natural lighting to the bedroom and create a visual effect that provides a feeling of amplitude.

But also, in the bathrooms, places where you can never miss a mirror.

And what do you think about furniture with a mirror? It is an original way of applying the reflection effect beyond a traditional mirror.