A good lighting in our home not only makes the space look wider, also makes it more cosy and comfortable.

Which are the tips to intensify the lighting in our homes? Here follows some of them:

1.       Clear tones.

To balance the darkness sensation, the best is to use in both furniture and walls pastel tones.  You will need to also avoid the excess of lines and prints.  Accessories and decorative tips in white, beige or cream tones will help to give your home a warm sensation.


2.       Mirrors

Use mirrors to enhance your home’s lighting.

If you place a mirror were the light will be reflected in some strategic areas of your home, you will achieve more luminosity in any corner.  Mirrors are decorative elements very important, as they will help to enhance the natural light, and besides, they will make a space look bigger


3.       Windows.

Special attention should be given to the windows, as they must be always completely cleared to allow all the light to come through.  We can always place a plant or a decorative object near, but never block-up the incoming light.

If we have curtains, they will be in light fabrics, so even they are close the light may come through.


Tanking care of this details the light of our home will help to create worm and comfortable environments.