Grand Luxor Hotel (Benidorm)

We are proud to share with you another beautiful project, this time at the Costa Blanca city of Benidorm: the Grand Luxor Hotel.

Taking part of the decoration on certain zones of the hotel, we would like to highlight the SPA zone, very important on a luxury hotel. Is in this zone were the interior designers have relied on the quality of our designs, creating an environment that makes a difference, and offering to the customers the exclusivity they are desire with oriental tips and an exquisite taste.

Exclusive details highlight the outstanding decoration, using our oriental sculpture figures, the utility and ornaments of small stools, the exclusive selection of amphoras or the organic touch with green elements. Between all the furniture we can find resting or waiting armchairs for the spa users, different type of shelving units for the utensils display, side tables etc…

With a successful combination both in aesthetic as well as colours, textures and decorative lines, the selection of the furniture creates a perfect environment for the relax and delight of our guests.

Thankyou for the relying on the furniture, decoration and complements of our brand: VICALHOME