Exkisito, the new brand for the hospitality sector

VICAL launches Exkisito, the new brand for the hospitality sector

VICAL is branching out into interior design for the restaurant trade with the launch of its Exkisito brand, which will offer a full range of furniture and décor to the hospitality industry as a whole, retaining all the elegance and sophistication associated with VICAL.


Exkisito vical

Fashion and durability have to combine in any contract project that involves restaurant interior design. This is what Exkisito offers, with its unique and distinctive pieces that combine current trends, originality and timeless elegance.

Exkisito has a wide range of specially chosen items of furniture that are specifically aimed at providing an atmospheric contract space for restaurants and the hospitality sector, such as glass cabinets, bars and bar furniture, stools, tables and chairs, armchairs, sofas and sideboards.

To give every space its own character, Exkisito also offers distinctive design with its collection of lamps, mirrors, artwork, figurines, sculptures and vases that transform any interior design contract space into something unique.

These furniture and décor collections are painstakingly developed to create special environments that perfectly blend comfort, design trends and individuality.



VICAL, a brand with 70 years’ experience

The launch of Exkisito is based on the experience, growth and knowledge of VICAL, a company that has been trading for 70 years and has established itself as a benchmark for contract furniture and interior design in Spain.

For 2020, VICAL has drawn up a special diary of events to celebrate its 70th birthday, including the launch of the new Exkisito brand for the restaurant and hospitality sector.



Making projects personal and start-to-finish

Additionally, Exkisito offers the chance to create unique and inimitable spaces thanks to a service that is an integral part of the launch of the brand: the chance to put a personal touch on individual pieces and modify items of furniture as part of a start-to-finish project.

During the development of the project it will benefit from the additional consultancy and interior design expertise of an in-house VICAL team, with a varied and highly regarded background in contract interior design projects.

Exkisito’s support and consultancy service goes beyond conceptualizing specific pieces to achieve an individual ambience, it also continues throughout the development and full execution of the interior design Project.