Do you like to combine furniture from different times? Do you identify with the mixtures of textures and colours? If so, the eclectic style is yours.

The term eclectic comes from the Greek and means to choose. It perfectly defines the predisposition to combine different styles in search of an ideal model that the combine in perfect harmony.

The eclectic style is characterized by not having a specific style and have some possibilities to combine and mix. We are faced with a free decoration, where your idea is your decoration. It is not a fixed style, it is a mixture of many, therefore, there are no rules.

This decorative trend is ideal if you like various styles as you can combine them and achieve a very original and fun decor. To make a home view of this style the most important thing is to choose a piece that serves as a central axis and around it turns the other decorative elements.

The ideal is to choose 3 styles and from there to fit the decoration and furniture achieving, as we said, that some of the elements highlight the rest.

Besides, in this style the textures and materials are mixed to the conscience, even within the same piece creating contrasts between opposites to create very exclusive environments.

estilo ecléctico


The furniture of the eclectic style is ideal for hotels because if you chose this style sure that each customer finds his corner or decorative piece that identifies.

This is a way of decorating a little to everyone’s liking. In addition, the hotel can look original mixes and decorate every nook in a personal and different way. A very attractive for customers who like to discover new fashions. 

It is a style with a lot of personality that leaves no one indifferent.