Geometric decoration

Geometry is fashionable in the world of decoration. The first to apply it in their homes were Muslims, who created the basis for applying this Branch of mathematics for aesthetic purposes. But we cannot forget the subsequent cubism.


The reason for this style’s success is due to the sense of order it provoques. As if it were a hypnotic scheme, geometric motives capture and catch our attention. In this type of geometric decoration there are no absolute rules. Everything is a matter of taste, balance and proportion, so geometric motives can be applied to textiles floors or walls to provoque aesthetic sensations such as dynamism, joy or rhythm.

But the fact that it can be applied practically to everything does not imply that we should. Being such a striking style, it’s advisable to be careful and use it cautiously. Too many geometric motifs can be overwhelming, so it is necessary to contrast with other elements. In this sense, the neutral colours and the straight lines will give harmony to the decoration.

The black and White binomial we could define it as the classic in this type of decoration, but we can also find many other combinations of colours very used.

Simple lines, minimalism and beauty could be the three characteristics that best define this trend, which is ideal to accompany the Nordic decoration.


Tables, chairs, consoles, cabinets, desks… Any type of furniture is adaptable to a geometric shape of decoration.

We can find furniture of geometric shapes as well as furniture with geometric prints. Both very recurring for any kind of environment.

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