Creu de Tau hotel & Spa by VICAL brand


Mediterranean paradise in an old monastery

VICAL has been the brand selected to decorate the prestigious Hotel Creu de Tau Art & Spa and its Restaurant Cova Negra, located in an old monastery of the nineteenth century in the privileged natural environment of the island of Mallorca.

Habitación hotel La creu - VICAL

Antonio García Treviño, interior designer of VICAL, was responsible for leading this decoration project that actually contained two projects in one. The challenge was not easy: to carry out the decoration of both the hotel and the restaurant without breaking the line with the solemnity and majesty of building but creating a current and attractive result for the customer.

hotel creu de tau VICAL

To do this, he was committed to creating a link between the decoration and the selected pieces with the idyllic location where it is located. The Mediterranean style, noble materials and natural textures were the protagonists of this interior design project for which the brand of furniture and decoration supplier VICAL was used.

The hotel and restaurant interior design project was well thought out from the start. During the restoration of the monastery, the vast majority of structures that bring a good dose of personality to the building were preserved: the sandstone facades, the stone arches of the entrances, the vaulted ceilings or the monastery chapel are some examples.

This conservation of the building was a great advantage in focusing the decoration of each space: “The reform of the convent is spectacular. Huge spaces and high ceilings that make everything look much better. The building has a huge aesthetic,” explains Antonio García.

With the objective to maintain the aesthetic of the building, it was decided to follow the style of Palma de Mallorca of that period. This was the only condition which was made for this project of the interior decoration contract: maintain the Mediterranean style, but with the liberty to add other decorative shades and reflect the exclusiveness of the hotel also in its decoration.

The Hotel Creu de Tau Art & Spa has 27 rooms, all suites with built-in jacuzzi and outdoor spaces, which offered a wide range of possibilities for its decoration. All suites maintain the same decorative concept with pieces made of fine woods, linen and earthy tones of the VICAL brand.

Habitación hotel - VICAL

The suites have distinguished and elegant furniture but comforting at the same time. All from the contract provider VICAL: wide capitoné headrests, feets for beds in Provençal style elaborated in pine wood and silver studs or large classic style carpets. And to make each suite unique and give each their own character, the classic and Mediterranean styles are contrasted with different pieces in velvet, elements in gold and some furniture in a new range of greens, blues or pastel tones. Not one is the same as the other.

Habitación hotel - VICAL

For common areas such as the cafeteria, it has chosen to risk incorporating Art Deco-inspired parts and materials and modern style, from the same contract supplier. Some examples are the large Brilon armchairs with geometric shapes, made of velvet in ochre tones and legs in black and old gold; The large baroque-inspired mirrors and gold tones, or ball-floor lamps that combine gold and white colours with materials such as marble and glass, very characteristic of VICAL brand.

Bar hotel - VICAL

In this room, the difference is also marked by having kept intact the chapel that crowns the cocktail area with a spectacular bar of glass cups at your feet.

The Cova Negra restaurant integrated in the hotel but independently managed by the Valencian chef Pablo Tamarit stands out for its exquisite gastronomy and its elegant atmosphere of rustic and colonial style achieved with VICAL furniture.

Antonio García focused the decoration of the restaurant as a parallel project, but intimately linked to the interior design of the hotel. Its interior stands out for the tables and bars of solid wood, the preserved stone arches of the old monastery and a warm colour palette composed of brown and beige tones, as well as the incorporation of different materials to the hotel’s decoration such as leather. The result: an extra touch of elegance in the restaurant’s interior design.

Restaurante_Covanegra - VICAL

Restaurante_Covanegra VICAL