Once upon a time there was the magic of traditional Christmas. The one in which there is no shortage of red and ornaments of all life, which achieve cosy and appetizing environments.

navidad con velas VICAL

Christmas is here! Homes, stores… everything is dyed red and gold. But… do you know how to light up your spaces to get a cosy and homey atmosphere?

At this time of year lighting plays a fundamental role through garlands of lights, lanterns, but the most important: Candles!

Velas navidad VICAL
Purity candle, vainille fragance

White candles

If you prefer a more discreet and elegant Christmas decoration, without typical strong colours like red or green, you can bet on white candles.

Velas navidad VICAL

However, you can always combine them with all kinds of accessories and decoration to create a discreet and spectacular result during this time of year. You can combine different types of candles, candlesticks and supports for a more eye-catching result.

The gold and silver tones fit perfectly with the white colour and create a combination that multiplies the light of any space. In addition, it is the most sophisticated version of Christmas and creates elegant atmospheres.

Velas navidad VICAL

LED candles

We know there’s nothing like flame, like the fire of a real candle. The feeling it produces when you turn it on and the atmosphere it provides.

But it is also true that we cannot always have the vigilance and care that it requires to have lit several candles at home. That’s why you can opt for LED candles. Not only are they safe, but they also look very nice when different models are placed creating a harmonic set with another type of complementary decoration.

Candle holders

High, low, large or small, they are perfect for bringing warmth to the environments. The lighting they provide will always give peace and calm to the space.

During the Christmas season the use of chandeliers and candle holders is very traditional. Apart from lighting, they are widely used as a decorative object.

The golden colour is already known as a Christmas classic that is present in all decorations. Try gold chandeliers, they will add elegance.