Café Madrid, new project in Valencia

Rehabilitating and decorating a historic building respecting the antiquity and essence, exclusivity and elegance was a real challenge when decorating Café Madrid and Hotel Marqués House, in the heart of Valencia.

Café Madrid used to be a great meeting place for artists, poets and intellectuals in the last century. After a long closing time, it has finally reopened its doors, with a whole new concept, proving that history and avant-garde can be compatible. Café Madrid is located at the foot of the new Marqués House hotel in Valencia. Both spaces are in the same building that was built at the beginning of the 20th century, now rehabilitated and decorated in one single interior design project led by Zdenka Lara, CEO of H Up Interiorismo + Diseño, with furniture and decoration by VICAL Home.

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The aim of the project was to recover the charm and history of the entire building and recreate the prestigious coffee lounge it had once been. To succeed, all possible resources have been taken into consideration: façade, carpentry, lighting, furniture and exclusive decoration pieces according to the essence of the project.

VICAL is one of the main brands selected for the interior design of both Café Madrid and the Marqués House hotel, especially in the restaurant and bar. The furniture selected are all velvet, aged gold tones and a classic style with contemporary touches. 

The decoration of Café Madrid is focusing on combining furniture and decorative pieces to create different environments and small corners of gatherings,  where visitors find intimacy and a touch of majesty.

café madrid valencia

Bold colors such as purple, red, turquoise and green are combined with materials such as wood, velvet, marble and leather seats. Cupboards of solemn glass, also from VICAL, hold old books, photographs and magazines from the original Café Madrid. “The result is a renewed classic,” says interior designer Zdenka Lara.

The aesthetics of the 1920s, represented in the pieces and decoration chosen, contrasts with the industrial ceilings and wooden floor covering. VICAL stood out in this project for the versatility of their velvet sofas, upholstered armchairs, glass cupboards with antique finish, modern retro chairs and coffee tables in brass and glass.

Throughout the project, we wanted to convey a new concept of a bar, restaurant and hotel. The Bar Café Madrid is, also working as a hotel reception at the Marqués House. “Café Madrid can be enjoyed in different moods, you can check in and wait for your room with an exclusive cocktail in the bar or enjoy the most intimate and charming areas of the Café,” explains the interior designer. 

The success of the project is due to the combination of styles and the boldness to combine a classic environment with modern and avant-garde touches. When you enter Café Madrid you get involved in its history, in the hotel rooms you return to the contemporary world and when you reach the terrace, you enter a whole different tropical environment. “The mix is ​​bold, but with this project we have shown how it is possible to combine many environments while maintaining an aesthetic coherence. For me this has been the greatest challenge, and the reason for the success,” concluded Zdenka Lara.

cafe madrid valencia