Botanical look

One of the advantages of this time of year is that there is no difference between the interior and the outdoor. Everything melts into a single connected space. The terraces become an extension of the living room and the confort is the protagonist of each space.

The good weather is coming, and the renovation of the summer decoration is playing to adapt it to this season

The new botanical look combines floral prints in all pieces with the use of plants and flowers in the decoration. This brings a summery and fresh look in all environments.



Cushions, carpets, poufs… Complements are fundamental, and we must plat with all the possibilities that offer us to get the environment that we want. Cushions of vivid colours and floral prints, light curtains that let the light pass… all these complements are valid to bring freshness to any space.

Fabric cushions such as linen or cotton provide the necessary confort and touch of color and texture that gives life to the space.

cushions vical

The use of plants and flowers is also a must in summer to give color and freshness to our spaces. We must change the winter decoration by vases full of flowers of a thousand colours.

summer decor vical


The use of natural fibers and wood in the furniture fit perfectly in summer environments.

Wood brings a bohemian and rustic touch, achieving warm spaces with great personality, an atmosphere that evoques the natural.

Natural fibers like rattan will continue to be protagonists in the season of terraces for the 2019 bringing all its naturalness and freshness.

vicalhome furniture

vicalhome ratán


The most used color of this season is White. White predominates in the decoration and summer furnishings as it provides freshness and luminosity in addition to absorbing the summer heat. If we want to give it a little lighter, we can combine it with cheerful shades like oranges and yellows, or more refreshing shades like the blues and the green ones.

Another fashionable color is pink. In addition, you can enhance this color combined with similar colours such as coral or white that combines with everything.

vicalhome decoration for summer