5 fantastic ideas to decorate your christmas table

It’s Christmas! Homes, shops, studios…everything turns red and gold and great moments always happen round a table, especially during the Christmas holidays.

If decoration has become essential to lend life and personality to spaces, at Christmas it’s undoubtedly a must. Here we present our best ideas to help you prepare the best Christmas table!

Golden colours are always a hit

It’s a classic and works with both modern and classic tables. Here we’ve combined it with more vivid colours along with the warmth of wood, a contrast that works.

If you combine golden and dark colours, such as intense greys or blues, the table is imbued with a party atmosphere.

Mesas navideñas VICAL

A romantic table

Yes, pink is also a very Christmassy colour. It creates warm atmospheres, in a feminine key, and with a romantic halo if you opt for a dusty pink. On this table, pink cutlery and the natural centre of flowers have been combined with white tableware, which softens its intensity and fills the table with light.

Mesas navideñas VICAL

For any occasion

Silver cutlery is ideal for any occasion.

If it is combined with neutral colours such as whites or beiges, you’ll have a delicate, elegant table. You might also give it a touch of blue, pinks, even reds.

Mesas navideñas VICAL

A classic when it comes to Christmas decorations is to decorate the table with pine branches, leaves, pine cones, etc.; seasonal fruits such as apples, oranges or pomegranates also work.

Dare to mix colours

Whatever your style, you can innovate and mix because the result will be original and unique. Both in the tableware and in other details of the dining room, living room, etc. Of course, it always follows a common thread.

The blue tones are also very Christmassy and will always add a touch of elegant colour to the table, which, when combined with the red colour, will create the most Christmassy atmosphere.

Christmas need not be overloaded, excessive or artificial. If you have a nice wooden table and you want to dispense with the tablecloth,you can set it using pine branches, flowers and candles.

Natural and cosy

You need only choose white or beige tableware and combine it with natural woods. By simply adding a touch of colour, in this case with bottle-green glasses, you’ll achieve a highly original result. Because elegance is very often in the details.

Mesas navideñas VICAL