VICAL furnishes Dr. Carla Barber’s clinics

Boldness and personality for the interior design of the aesthetic clinics of Dr. Carla Barber

The boldness of Dr. Carla Barber together with VICAL’s exclusivity and distinction as an interior design brand, can only lead to one outcome: a unique and mould-breaking aesthetic clinic that reflects the spirit of its founder.

Dr. Carla Barber VICAL

With her high profile and celebrity status both professionally and socially, Dr. Carla Barber’s business is enjoying exponential growth. In 2017 she opened her first aesthetic medicine clinic in Madrid, expanding just two years later following the rapid growth achieved in such a short time, as well as opening new clinics in Valencia and Las Palmas in Gran Canaria.

The interior design project for the new Dr. Carla Barber clinic that opened in July 2019 in the El Viso neighbourhood of Madrid, was led by Antonio García Treviño of Dekorasihome, using VICAL material exclusively.

A unique aspect of this project, and one which conveys the extent of Dr. Carla Barber’s success, is its setting, a site specially chosen for the new clinic: a four-storey “palacete” (a noble family townhouse) in one of the most desirable neighbourhoods of Madrid.

Such a grand space demanded interiors that remained true to that uniquely elegant background. “No one sets up a clinic the way she does. She’s tremendously bold, so the bolder the décor, the better it suits her”, is how the leader of the project sums up how he sought to express the spirit of Dr. Carla Barber in his design.

For this new clinic, the doctor was seeking a radical departure from the look of other clinics in the sector. Staying true to the style of the doctor behind it and the corporate aesthetic of the brand and its golden logo, Treviño opted for a décor suffused with golden hues, velvet textures, bold colours and metallic structures for lamps and other fittings.

Dr. Carla Barber VICAL


Treviño had carried out the interior decoration for the doctor’s home the previous year, for which he also opted for VICAL style, and this time around the only requirement of the proprietor was: “do the décor with the design, image and exclusivity that someone would want for their home, not just as a clinic”. As such, the project is framed by a marked contrast of styles: a classical noble residence, predominantly white in colour with baroque influences and lovely plaster mouldings set off by a totally modern interior design. It is this contrast which gives the project its unique feel.

The clinic covers over 600 square metres and includes a leafy surrounding garden, along with private parking, a reception area, waiting rooms, consulting rooms, spaces in which to provide the various different treatments, professional development rooms and offices. But the areas where design was a top priority were those most frequented by clients: the reception, the waiting rooms, some of the consulting rooms and the visitor bathrooms.

One of the key ideas for achieving the desired striking effect throughout was to give each space its own very distinctive style. “I wanted the ambiance of each space to be bold and different from the others, so that’s what we went for. This gave us a broad range of styles and colours”, explains the lead designer.

Dr. Carla Barber VICALHOME



The result is certainly striking. You will find consulting rooms decked in beige, purple and gold, vivid blue waiting rooms with mustard highlights, predominantly orange reception areas or treatment rooms in a lush exotic green. “The choice of so many different colour tones relies on the boldness of the individual, and in Dr. Carla Barber we knew that we could go all in”, explains Treviño.

Dr. Carla Barber VICAL


The VICAL range of furniture and furnishings was also chosen for the Valencia clinic, which opened in December 2019. However, in a space of different scale and scope, this project was centred on the design of the reception area, and the main and side waiting areas.

In the reception area and the main waiting area patients are met by VICAL’s characteristic pendant ball-shaped lights, structured mirrors and golden ornaments, and a couple of imposing orange velvet sofas. The side waiting area stands out for its solidly elegant noble wood central table and the spacious but stylishly geometric Art Deco armchairs in ochre-coloured velvet, along with a sideboard of antique gold. Made-to-measure medical furnishings were selected for the remaining spaces.

Dr. Carla Barber VICAL

The Madrid clinic, however, makes a first impression through its location and the grandeur of the building, setting this off with furniture and furnishings unlike those of any other medical centre. “No one dares have such vivid design in offices, clinics or workplaces. And when you do, you stand out and project that touch of exclusivity and an ability to be totally yourself. There are very few people bold enough to carry off something like this”, is how the project’s interior designer sums it up.