El Laurel, gastrobar by Vical

The tropics and the Mediterranean meet to offer a unique and exclusive atmosphere in El Laurel, a gastrobar-style restaurant which is all about quality, as much in the signature dishes as in the overall look.

Restaurante El Laurel vical

VICAL was the contract company chosen as provider of furnishings and décor by the project owners, overseeing the refurbishment, expansion and interior design of the restaurant, with consultancy support from a professional VICAL designer.

Cristina Lloret Espinosa, one of the owners of El Laurel, explains the concept: a restaurant offering distinctive Mediterranean cuisine based on fresh market produce, top quality ingredients bought locally to create elegant food at a reasonable price. The term gastrobar today suggests a place where design plays a principal role in providing a relaxed and unstuffy environment in which customers can enjoy the cuisine.

The idea involves moving away from the formality of silver service with its starched tablecloths in favour of a more modern, dynamic and relaxed feel, and El Laurel selected a tropical theme as the perfect way of expressing this.

Natural and sustainable materials are at the heart of the exotic feel of El Laurel. The design was developed from the selection and blend of materials such as different hues and types of wood, leather upholstery, alongside iron and steel for storage spaces, lighting and some of the design details.

Restaurante El Laurel vical

It is spread out over spaces with a different feel, but openly and seamlessly so that there is always a broad view of the whole space. To create spots with a more private feel in this open atmosphere, VICAL – born of our long experience in restaurant decoration – advised that wooden lattice screens should separate different parts of the room to give a feeling of intimacy without creating shut-off areas.

For this, VICAL’s decorative Yuhnan panels were chosen, in rectangular latticework made from elm burnished into the colour of old gold. These provide an oriental touch that enhances the exotic feel of this contract interior design Project.

El Laurel moves beyond the conventional by combining materials, colours and the play of light. Though the overall feel follows a consistent range of warm hues, the tropical decoration breaks this up with brightly coloured flora and fauna: there is a striking pink flamingo – almost a VICAL hallmark – with brightly coloured parrots and cockatiels, along with elephants and tropical plants.

Restaurante El Laurel vical

The lighting theme is focused on cosiness, based on individual lighting for each table, making every table its own intimate space. The floor tone enhances this feeling of warmth by almost creating the sense of a great carpet beneath the guests.

Cristina has her own personal favourite nooks in El Laurel. The area with round tables by the large windows and the Varverg mirror from Indonesia, made from recycled tropical wood. Or the corner presided over by the great pink flamingo, with imposing Moy ceiling lamps and comfortable brown leather chairs.

These are exclusive VICAL pieces, as a contract provider that offers exclusivity and elegance for the most professional interior design in restaurants and hotels.

The resulting project is a tropical oasis. Interior design and decoration combine to make guests feel at ease in each and every one of its spaces while they enjoy El Laurel’s authentic gastronomy.

Restaurante El Laurel vical

Restaurante El Laurel vical


Restaurante El Laurel
Av Santander 14, Playa de San Juan, Alicante, 03540 Spain

PROJECT: Cristina Lloret Espinosa, Restaurant owner