Spring has arrived and we can offer you a breakthrough with all the novelties of outdoor furniture this season.

Fresh, new and current designs that Will allow you to carry out your projects with the greatest variety of posible pieces to adapt them to each type of environment.

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This year the terraces and gardens become an extension of the interior thanks to the new trends in outdoor decor. What works well on indoors also works well in outdoors.

Natural and clear tones still being trend in decoration of this kind of outdoor spaces. Whites, greys, browns … You can also combine it with touches of colours in order to bring vitality to the space. The goal is to créate relaxed and calm environments.



Natural fibres and Wood are the most popular options due to its elegance and warmth. Natural fibres as rattan Will be the protagonists of terrace season for the 2019 bringing all its naturalness and freshness.

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Plants are also very important in this outdoor spaces. It doesn’t matter if they are natural or artificial, the important thing is that they transmit freshness and joy to renovate the environments.



Don’t forget to introduce outdoor textiles such as cushions and carpets if you want to achieve a cool and warm atmosphere.

Textiles are basic for giving life and personality to a space. Sofas, armchairs, puffs, cushions, tables, chairs… Create the living room in the garden.

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The use of plants is also very important, even it they are artificial because they help to créate a very natural and relaxed atmosphere, full of life.

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Lighting is a very important factor when it comes to creating and outdoor space. The lights are an absolute necessity to help to prolong the evenings and to créate very pleasant and cosy environments.

The most common thing is to use warm-coloured lights to maintain the tranquillity of the environment. Wall lamps or floor lamps are the most common in this type of environment.

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