The Collector: Moments collector, experiences and sensations.


A project in Gijón that arises from the concern to evolve the concept of conventional multibrand shop. A perfect mix of art, culture and fashion that takes us into a different shopping experience. A space that is not only a place to buy, but also a site to be inspired.


Did you think it was a store?

It’s not a store, it’s a journey full of emotions and sensations for you to rediscover the art of shopping with a luxury guide: the Collector.

The Collector is much more; It’s a different concept in which to experiment and go shopping as you always imagined, creating an imaginary window that connects you with the experience of each of the brands discovered by the Collector, our guide.

The Collector is an elegant and modular space that adapts to any type of need. A space with its own identity, in which independent projects coexist and are exposed with a common nexus. It’s a brand by itself. It arises from the relationship between the collections that houses the space and the profile of the users to which it is directed, that when they experience the purchase, they will become collectors.

proyecto the collector vical

proyecto vical y the collector

project VICAL