2020 was a year of celebration of VICAL’s 70th anniversary

70 aniversario VICAL

For the firm’s 70th anniversary in 2020, the contract furniture company organized a series of events, launches and surprises over the course of the year so that clients could join in the celebrations of its success down the years.

70 aniversario VICAL
70 aniversario VICAL

The year marks 70 years since VICAL set out on its journey in the world of interior design and decoration. As a brand our stock in trade has always been our energy and passion. Having started out as a producer of handcrafted wickerwork, we have developed into a touchstone for high-class interior design, finding inspiration from all around the world.

To celebrate the successes achieved along the way hand-in-hand with our clients, and to inspire us to carry on working together towards further landmarks, the company filled its 2020 calendar with events and surprises.

The celebrations began in February with the launch of Exkisito, a new line focused on the hospitality and restaurant sectors, to provide these spaces with a different and specially conceived range of furniture and decor. With its commitment to providing cutting-edge style and distinctive personality to the world of hospitality, the VICAL brand has successfully extended into a new market.

The following month saw the announcement of a very special design contest, themed around the 70th anniversary celebrations. Then, in April, VICAL attended the Casadecor birthday party, an annual highlight that brings together clients, suppliers, specialists and professionals from the world of interior design and decoration, with rigorous health protective measures being maintained throughout.

May saw the icing on the cake, something the firm had been looking forward to eagerly, the opening of the VICAL showroom. A 3,000 m² space designed to allow clients to touch, feel and experience first-hand all the firm’s products in a unique environment created at the company’s headquarters in Ollería (Valencia).

Following the spectacular response to the VICAL showroom, the company decided to organize the inaugural Vical Experience Fair, to display all the latest additions to the furniture, lighting and textile collections displayed in its catalogue, as well as the latest trends in interior design and decoration across all its ranges: VICAL, Exkisito and Lastdeco. This took the form of a guided tour through the 3,000 m² space, allowing those present to immerse themselves in a world of sensations, textures, contrasts, nuances, and a lot of imagination to inspire future projects.

The year of VICAL’s 70th birthday also encompassed trade fairs, when possible, and the company was pleased to travel to Paris to take part in the Maison & Objet Show in February and to Madrid for the Intergift Fair in January.

It has been a year that will certainly remain in the memory of those of us who experienced it, one that saw the launch of great projects and new ideas for inclusion in the VICAL diary for the year 2021.